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An array of environmental groups have endorsed ways the Obama administration can cost-effectively cut leaks of methane from gas and oil facilities.
The agency’s move comes in response to a glut in the domestic oil market and significant public comment about the proposed targets.
A new NASA visualization and an 1859 account by America’s first oceanographer make the same point about carbon dioxide.
Access to education and jobs can make the world’s huge youth population an asset.
Seven law students and undergraduates filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the president and fellows of Harvard College for what they call “mismanagement of charitable funds.”
CAA Resources, controlled by China, reopened “Iron Hill,” a dormant iron mine in Bukit Besi, Malaysia, and is ramping up production despite the ore’s falling price.
Developing countries are continuing to build large infrastructure projects despite concerns about their environmental impact and the fact they are displacing people.
Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana, had hoped to get the legislation through in advance of her uphill runoff election fight back home.
Farms — with a duck coop, fish enclosures and a vegetable farm moored to the riverbank — are helping Bangladeshis live with rising waters.
The migratory population of monarch butterflies is plummeting and well-meaning efforts by enthusiasts may be contributing to its plight.

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